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April 14, 2013 Service

T.K. Wetherell


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We are honored to announce that Florida legend T.K. Wetherell will stand in the pulpit of Honey Lake Church and Worldwide Ministry Sunday April 14th. T.K. was diagnosed with prostate cancer that was already stage 4 when it was initially discovered. On that dark day, he received very disheartening and discouraging advice from one of the most prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world. They essentially told him to just go home and die with dignity.

That was ten years ago and he's still kicking!

They didn't know T.K. very well, and if they thought he'd just go home and die without a fight, they were sadly mistaken. He decided instead to go to war! He has done so valiantly having used a variety of treatments including radiation, chemo, experimental medicines and vitamins, but most importantly his unwavering faith in His Lord and God, Jesus Christ. You will not want to miss this inspiring message of what it's like to go through the thing we all dread, finding out we have cancer and that it's malignant and life threatening. T.K. didn't go into seclusion, drown himself in self-pity, or get mad at God. He accepted that God is in control, but he and his wife Ginger also decided to fight his cancer with every tool known to man and their fight has been beautiful. People who know him would have expected nothing less from this inspiring man. We all need to know how to draw on the power of God to fortify our souls, give us strength, and help us through battles including the most serious of them all, and I can think of no better person to tell us how it's done.

In spite of Dr. Thomas Kent Wetherell having earned a PHD, (and the right to be addressed as Doctor Wetherell), he'd bristle like a mad junkyard dog if someone called him that. He likes for folks to just call him T.K. He's one of my best friends and I can tell you first hand he loves nothing more than watching the sun come up in a turkey, deer, or duck blind, shooting quail over a short haired pointer, burning the underbrush on his plantation, or just sitting out in the woods staring at nothing in particular.

He's down to earth humble and tries his best to pretend he's just a redneck and good old boy, but you can take it from me, this brilliant man has accomplished more for Florida and Florida State University than anyone you will ever encounter.

T.K. loves Florida and Florida loves him. He grew up near Daytona and then got a scholarship playing football at FSU. He ran for office and was elected and served in the state legislature and served as Speaker of the House for eight years. He was known in the House as someone who could get things done and he continued the tradition at Florida State University where he became its President.

The University can thank T.K. for his leadership in getting the Chemistry /Biology/ Psychology Buildings, Medical School, 3 Branch Campuses, 5 New Residence Halls, $20million upgrade at High Mag Lab, Morcom Swimming Complex, New Track, Upgrades for Baseball/Softball/Soccer fields, New President's House, Pat Thomas State Law Enforcement Academy, and a National Fellow Program that produced 3 Rhodes Scholars in 4 years. Oh yeah I almost forgot he successfully completed the largest fundraising campaign in FSU history too when he raised a mind-boggling $640 million with a goal of a paltry $600 million.


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