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January 12, 2014 Service


Ken Mansfield

Ken Mansfield has experienced a life that most people have only read about. He was in the heart and heat of the music industry when it was young and vibrant-back when creativity and passion made the music. Ken found himself propelled into the center of a rock and roll whirlwind when the Beatles asked him to be the US Manager of their Apple Record label as well as acting as their personal liaison between the UK and the US. When the Beatles breakup seemed inevitable he moved on to become a Vice President at MGM Records. In time, he earned a Grammy and a Dove Award when he produced the Gaither Vocal Band's classic "Homecoming" album.

Eventually, the successes and excesses he took for granted for so long all went away leaving him with little but a sense of confusion and despair. That is when he found Jesus and began an exciting new journey. "Every day I thank God for loving me so much that He allowed all my worldly possessions to go away and in exchange gave me the one true gift of value-eternal life through His Son and my Savior Jesus Christ."

His time in the music business, especially The Beatles years, and his exciting conversion have led to a publishing deals with leading publishers in Christian literature. His story and His appearances have blessed him with being selected for a special film about Ken and the Beatles that ends in his conversion to Christianity.


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