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June 9, 2013 Service



"Mighty to Save" Congregation
Greet One AnotherTerry Warren
Welcome Bob Williamson
Special Message Jenn Harris
Invitation "Just As I Am" Congregation
Offering Bob Williamson
Offering Song "Bring Him Home" Terry Warren
Announcements & Closing Prayer  

Jenn Harris

Nashville Singer/Songwriter

Jenn Harris has written over 180 songs and has recorded with many country artists including "Blackhawk" and has co-written with Grammy Award winning songwriter, Dave Merenda, composer of "I Will Remember You" for Sarah McLachlan.

Jenn started singing in the choir during the 7th grade. She and her siblings all had some degree of musical interest, but for Jenn, it was life, plain and simple. In high school, she became very interested in learning guitar so she could accompany herself singing. Her vocals are powerful and spot on. She is strikingly beautiful with long blond hair and green eyes.

One would never know it by looking at her or talking with her, but she has known tragedy like most people cannot even envision. She was sexually molested by a family member beginning at age five and continuing through her teens. Then at 18 she was abducted from a grocery store parking lot, viciously raped, cut with a box cutter and left for dead and barely survived.

Her father suddenly died at the young age of 42. One of her sisters drove to the cemetery to put flowers on his grave and her car was struck by a train and was killed instantly. Then, her brother died.

She endured cheating husbands and other tragedies reminiscent of Job, and yet today she remains a gentle spirit and steadfast in her faith. Hers is a beautiful picture of the peace that can only come from her tremendous love and faith in Jesus Christ. She holds no ill will for anyone and it is truly amazing that she can forgive those who have abused her after enduring so much in her life.

Jenn has been affiliated with the Bill Glass, Weekend of Champions prison ministry for the past several years. She has traveled to Federal, State, and Local prisons all over the United States and considers it a privilege to spend time singing and ministering to those who are often the "forgotten ones." She also speaks at many churches, high schools, and conventions throughout the country sharing what the power of God has done in her difficult life.

When Bob Williamson spoke with her recently, she said, "The most rewarding aspect of my ministry comes when I'm able to visit my brothers and sisters in prison and offer them some hope." (It's obvious that she's speaking from her heart and from a sincere and divine calling when you see the twinkle in her eye just talking about how much she has gained from the people she's met and visited with in prison.)

Jenn relies heavily on the Holy Bible to find comfort and one of her favorite verses is Isaiah 40:8, "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever".

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