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August 10, 2014


Brook Bello

On August 10th Honey Lake Church will host Dr. Brook Bello, who spent a lifetime of misery confined in sexual slavery and being abused by perverts whose degenerate lusts are unimaginable. She is one of the few who have survived this insidious evil (most will end up committing suicide, overdosing on drugs, contracting HIV, or being murdered).

In an interview she reveals…

"I was raped when I was eleven years old." – Just imagine an eleven year-old girl (who because of her petite size looked seven) being beaten and raped.

That's only the beginning of the horrific experience of Brook Bello (also known as Brook Susan Parker) who was taken into sex-slavery at the age of fifteen. Hearing Brook talk about her experience, that she describes as "soul-assassination," one experiences an eye-opening revelation that would shock even the most calloused listener.

"You are threatened that you will be killed. You are beaten and told over and over again that you are nothing and that this is who you are, that you are dirt," she recalls…

"I had been raped. I was already broken. I didn't know what love looked like and to someone who needed love and for someone to pretend to be love when I didn't know what love looked like, you can just get drawn into that."

"You are gone. You are lost. You don't even know who you are."

The amazing truth is…she survived.

First, she became educated and even earned her doctorate. She became an author, public speaker, actress, filmmaker, and activist. Her highest acting credit to date is starring in Stargate SGI. Several magazines and newspapers including feature stories in ESSENCE and EBONY magazines have covered her story and ministry. She has also appeared on the 700 Club and has spoken before members of Congress and many other venues in order to educate Americans about this problem that is becoming pandemic. One of her most notable accomplishments was creating a documentary film entitled "Survivor" in order to draw attention to the growing problem of sex trafficking.

Most victims don't survive sex trafficking and many of those who do live through it never recover. But Brook discovered God's love and it transformed her into a woman on a mission.

Her encouraging message is as follows: "I am worthy to be here. I am born as an answer to a problem and I was born for greatness. That is why I am here. It doesn't matter how I got here. It doesn't matter to whom I was born or the economic status or what I went through. But if God is on my side, I can achieve my full potential in life, in my own voice, regardless of what happened yesterday".

We urge you to come to this service and bring a friend. Please if you know someone who has been molested or otherwise sexually abused, invite them to come hear how Jesus with tender mercy healed Brooke's heartache and transformed her life into one of peace and fulfillment against incredible odds. You can know that same peace through Jesus Christ

Come and hear the full story of Brook Bello. It's one you will never forget.

February 18, 2018 - 9:30am
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Ferbuary 18, 2018 - 11:00am
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